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Let us take the worry out of making your purchases at Fettle Fitness distributed by Revalue Fitness Equipment. We currently offer Commercial and Consumer Financing and/or Leasing for you or your business. There are many advantages to choosing financing for your equipment. Financing or leasing options allow you to purchase the equipment affordably, while preserving your credit cards or lines of credit at the bank. We offer Fast Credit Decisions when you apply online. We also offer affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments with little upfront cost. Most Finance and/or Lease options only require one advanced payment and documentation. Give us a call at 310-895-7718 or 480-208-7160 to discuss how we can design a finance program that will work best for you.


  1. Tax Advantages: Finance and/or Lease payment can be 100% tax deductible at the end of each tax year as an operational expense. Section 179 2020: You can now realize the total invoice cost as a 100% tax write off for the year applied with both finance and/or leasing options you choose.
  2. As a business, your personal credit will not be affected. Whether you finance or lease you will not have to worry about the debt being reported to your personal credit as commercial financing is not reported to the owners’ or officer’s personal credit.
  3. Business does not carry the loan/debt on the business balance sheet
  4. Financing is not reported to the personal credit of owner/owners


  1. Little to no money down
  2. 0% for 6 or 12 months
  3. End of term ownership after last payment.

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