Navigating the Delivery Process: A Guide to
Receiving Fully-Assembled Fitness Equipment

When it comes to upgrading your home or gym with top-notch fitness equipment, it's essential to understand the logistics involved in getting these heavy and oversized items to your doorstep. At Fettle Fitness, we prioritize a seamless delivery experience for our customers, and we want to ensure you are well-prepared for the arrival of your fully-assembled fitness equipment.

The Shipping Process

Unless otherwise specified in writing for multi-piece orders, your shipment will be sent via Standard Freight (LTL) Delivery. We work with various LTL carriers, including T-Force, YRC, Old Dominion, R&L Carriers, and more. To keep you in the loop, you’ll receive a tracking email the moment your item leaves the warehouse. The carrier will then reach out to you directly to schedule a delivery appointment.

Delivery Logistics

It’s important to note that most LTL carriers provide curbside delivery only, utilizing 26 to 53-foot tractor trailers with a liftgate. Some areas may have restrictions on semi-truck access, requiring customers to arrange for pick-up at a more accessible location. The delivery involves a single freight driver unloading the equipment onto pallets with the assistance of a lift-gate and a pallet jack.

Customers must be aware that the responsibility of the carrier ends once the package is unloaded from the truck. The onus is then on the customer to move the fully-assembled piece(s) inside the delivery address. In cases where the driveway is unpaved, too steep, or inaccessible, the driver may move the package as far as possible, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the customer to bring it indoors.

Getting a fully-assembled piece of fitness equipment into a home or fitness facility can be a logistical challenge, depending on the size and weight of the equipment. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1. Check Building Accessibility

Before purchasing or moving equipment, measure doorways and hallways to ensure the equipment can fit through these spaces.

2. Full Installation Service

Additionally, for a hassle-free installation experience, Fettle Fitness offers a flat fee for full installation, ensuring your equipment is set up exactly where you want it. This is often a convenient option, especially for larger items. Reach out to us at for info.

3. In-Home Assembly Services

Consider hiring a professional assembly service that specializes in assembling fitness equipment. They can bring the equipment to your location and set it up for you. Reach out to us at and we can provide someone in your area.

4. Disassembly and Reassembly

If the equipment is too large to fit through doorways or tight spaces, you might need to consider disassembling it before bringing it inside and then reassembling it. Professional services can also help with this.

5. DIY with Assistance

If you have access, enlist the help of friends or family to assist with loading and unloading.

Remember to prioritize safety during transportation and assembly, especially for heavy or complex fitness equipment. If in doubt, consult with professionals to ensure proper handling and installation.

Special Considerations

For larger pieces like 8-stations, 4-stations, Smith Machines, etc., it is highly recommended to consult with our team for specific delivery questions. Again, for a hassle-free installation experience, Fettle Fitness offers a flat fee for full installation, ensuring your equipment is set up exactly where you want it.

Important Reminders

Delivery Inspection: You will be required to sign for the delivery, so it’s crucial to inspect your shipment for visible damage at the time of delivery. Any visible damage should be notated on the delivery receipt, and you should request a damage report confirmation number from the driver before signing the receipt.

Unforeseen Circumstances: The shipper is not responsible for late or missed deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances. If redelivery is necessary, additional charges may apply, and it is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate with the carrier.

At Fettle Fitness, we are committed to providing not only top-quality fitness equipment but also a smooth and transparent delivery process. By understanding the intricacies of LTL delivery, you can ensure a successful and stress-free experience as you welcome your new fully-assembled fitness equipment into your home or gym.